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• Recruiting Process

Repeat business is an indication we've done our work well. We strive to work cooperatively with our clients on a search engagement, with the goal of hearing that the candidate they ultimately hire is exceeding expectations.

We add value to your company's staffing resources by tackling time-consuming critical searches. We emphasize quality over quantity and will submit only candidates that meet and exceed the position requirements.



We initiate the search process by listening to the hiring manager. We strive to achieve a very clear understanding of the position as well as the attributes, style and experience of candidates who will be a good fit in the culture of the company.


Research and Candidate Identification

The next step is detailed research and candidate identification. By practicing the art of research and candidate identification, we seek out the top technical and executive talent who otherwise would not be responding to advertisements or job postings. We target organizations identified as likely employers of potential strong candidates and we network with our extensive industry contacts. This phase of the search process results in a pool of potential candidates.


Recruiting and Candidate Selection

The research and candidate identification process is followed by candidate recruiting and selection. Based on our understanding of the position requirements and our software industry recruiting experience, we interview potential candidates to locate those with the desired technical, professional and personality traits to be successful in the position. This phase of the search process provides the most qualified candidates for the position.



We submit a select number of candidates that are “on target”. We have multiple conversations with any candidate before presenting that individual to your company. Resumes are always submitted with complete write-ups containing all relevant information on the candidate's background and qualifications for the position. All candidates are fully briefed in advance.


Interview Process through Final Offer

We remain involved in the interview process and work with you to co-ordinate the logistics of all phone and face to face interviews. After each interview, we act as an intermediary for follow up conversations. We remain involved in all steps of the interview process including the providing of references and negotiating of final offers. Finally, we follow up with both you and the candidate after placement to ensure satisfaction on both sides.

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